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Acceptable Yard Waste

Our customers are able to drop off any natural waste at our yard for a small fee based on the load size.


Acceptable Waste

  • Tree Limbs

  • Logs Under 3' in Length

  • Brush

  • Leaves

  • Lawn Clippings

  • Sod

  • Soil

  • Stump Grindings (no full stumps with root ball)

We are not able to accept anything that has been painted, treated or stained. This includes plywood, fences, decking material and landscape timbers. We also do not accept stumps due to the potential for rocks or other debris which may damage our equipment.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please feel free to contact us directly.

Thank you for following these guidelines!

2024 Dumping Fees

$10/load       S-10 or Ranger / 6-7' Trailer

$10/load       3/4 Ton, 8' Bed / 8-9' Trailer


$15/load       1 Ton, 9' Bed / 10-12' Trailer


$20/load       16' Tandem / 16' Dump Trailer


$25/load       18' Tandem         



Annual Pass

Annual passes are available for $200 and are good for all of 2023. If you are purchasing material at the time of dumping, your dump fee will be waived.


New Dump Procedures

Please drive toward the back of our yard. Before you arrive at our mulch piles, we will have an employee stationed in a vehicle to check your load and take your payment. You may also pay online.



We accept natural waste such as leaves, brush, & grass clippings for a small fee. If you have any questions about what we accept, please click the button below to contact us.

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